Saturday, January 30, 2010

My tattoo

This is the tattoo I got the day before yesterday. I had mom snap a pic of it, so if it looks a little wonky, it's because I was contorted in the corner of the bathroom. Also, there's a little bit of scabbing that might be starting in a couple areas. EEEEEW, sorry, TMI!! But it still has to "settle" so the colors will get more muted. It was painful, but not as much as the one I got on my ankle, for some odd reason. But yep, this is for my daddy.


  1. Kiva, the tattoo looks gorgeous!

  2. It's beautiful Kiva...I'm thinking of having one done like that for my sister.

  3. Great tatto....for a great dad I guess!!
    And yes I believe the ankle are more sensitive... not much flesh on

  4. Thanks guys!! Yes, he was a great daddy. Although he is gone, I know, without a doubt, that he is still "around" ;-).

    Lori, you should. I just like knowing that it's there, if you know what I mean :-).

  5. Ouch!!! It looks very well done...but..OUCH!!

    Linda x

  6. LOL!!! Linda, oh it hurt alright. But let me tell you, it was even more painful being forced to listen to rap music while he did it :-/.

  7. Nice work, Kiva! Was it done by the same guy who did your butterfly band?

    - Grace

  8. Kiva....Beautiful!!!!!! All my kids have tats, The Lemonhead candy Icon...we always bought them lemonhead candy for treats. My son Gan has a lot, my favorite one is Slimer from ghostbusters on his forarm.

    Also...LOVING your new glass pipes!!!!!
    Have a wonderful creative week!
    Bugs & Hisses

  9. Kiva, I thought I have seen too many rose tattoos but no, yours is gorgeous! Looks like quite a big one too. I like it very much! Really feel like going to have another but did you say the one at the ankle hurt? That's where I will want mine.

  10. Kiva It is lovely. Really wonderful. My daughter got another one the other day. It was her 20th birthday. She got " I love you" in my handwriting. Yours for your Dad is awesome and very special. Hugs~ Kim

  11. Thanks Grace! It was a different bloke. The ankle guy freehanded that mendhi looking design around the boring butterfly (I went in wanting a simple vine with leaves kinda thing and came away with something much different, although I do like it!). That one was more of a spur of the moment thing, although I had been thinking about it for a couple days. With the daddy tattoo, something I'd been wanting for a few years, I went to someone about a week beforehand and told him what I wanted, then went back and he showed me the stencil.

    Grace, this is bad. I really want another one!!!

  12. Thanks Cindy!!! I still want to see yours!!

    Patty, why am I not surprised that your kids have tatts ;-)? You have a wonderfully crazy household, I just know it!

    Thank you Susan!! You have to get another one, STAT!! The ankle hurt like a mother, I must admit. I almost wish I was under anaesthesia, lol!! But you can do it!! Just try entering into a Buddhist meditative state or something ;-). I've always had a thing for classic looking tattooos. For example, I LOVE the pinup girl look.

    Kim, that is SO GREAT!!! What a special thing that is!! If my dad were still alive, that is something I would have LOVED to have done. His handwriting was a little illegible, but I wouldn't have cared, lol!!!