Monday, April 18, 2011

Gifts for my sister and walking to a restaurant

This is still in that hallway. I spot some cute little flower pots and decide to get one for my sister (who asked me to bring something back for her. When she wants something, she just asks, no beating around the bush, haha!!). I ended up getting her several things- the flower pot, a tiny skeleton, a 1:144 wooden table and chairs, and a mouse, made by Kathi Kuti. The other video was shot on our way to a Greek Restaurant, which was very yummy, thanks to Lance's mad Yelping skills ;-).


  1. Ha ha! Why did you change your eyesight when Lance filmed you in the street, Kiva?
    I like these videos and pictures you both took in Chicago. Very nice and realistic!


  2. Typical spring in a typical(and charming) old Chicago neighborhood. Haha...come back in the summer, Lance....the heat is overwhelming.

  3. Hey Tabitha. I don't really like the heat so much. I live in Florida, and as you probably know, we get in the 90's alot here. I don't mind the cold at all, but with all the wind in Chicago, it just made it feel much colder to us. I think Kiva had a tougher time with the cold than I did, cause Hawaii has thinned out her blood considerably over the years, hehe. At least here in Florida, we get some cold ass weeks. In 2010, we had record lows here in Melbourne. There were a few days in the high 20's. Was nuts!!

  4. Me ha encantado verte en movimiento jejeje
    Veo que has disfrutado mucho del viaje y de la feria.
    Supongo que tu hermana estara contenta cuando regreses con sus paquetitos jeje
    besitos ascension

  5. You got the octopus!!! Just noticed your Flickr... Design, colors and shading are likey :)

  6. Thanks guys!!!! I really did have a ball!!!
    Tabitha, I've been there in the summer...oyvey!!! Honestly, Chicago is a city I could totally see living in, extreme weather and all ;-)!

  7. LMAO, I look like I have a load in my pants!!!!!!! You frickin' crack me up!!!