Saturday, April 23, 2011

Drunken squid

These guys are doing what the big guy above is doing: getting blasted! I am in the mood to make a very freaky aquarium...puffers, drunken squid, maybe some of my oysters with eyeballs?? All submerged in a watery wonderland :-D!!


  1. Cheers....burp...
    Outstanding!!!! Your work is just amazing.

  2. I knew the drunken cakes, chicken with champagne, or beer ...
    Now I see that also exist the calamari with alcohol! LOL: O))

  3. Hahahahhaaha! Your squids are hilarious but sooooo realistic :).

    By the way, drunken prawns are big here, as I may have told you already. And do you know how they (not me, I don't like prawns)eat them at some seafood restaurant? A bunch of live prawns are brought to the table in a transparent glass casserole bowl with soy sauce and wine. The bowl is then shaken till the prawns "drown" in the alcohol. They are then brought back into the kitchen to cook. All this so that the diners know that they are eating fresh prawns :).

  4. Me cuesta creer que sean reales los geniales trabajos que haces.
    Desde el primero al ultimo, siempre me sorprendes.
    Me encanta visitarte, aunque me "corroe" la envidia jejeje
    besitos ascension

  5. I love the idea of them going in an aquarium!

    That reminds me... Have you ever seen the shadow boxes (that at so typical) in traditional English houses. They are full of dead stuff like fish & fowl. I really want to make one using something you do in clay as the subject.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! amazing!!! :)

    Hugs Jollie