Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hi guys!!! I had a BLAST in Chicago!! I haven't posted sooner because I'm in overdrive again, trying to catch up with the miniature making!! Also, methinks I have a touch of jetlag because I'm keeping very screwy hours...up till 4 am, waking at 8/9ish (for me, WAY too little sleep!).

This was definitely one of the best trips ever, but every day, I was torn between wanting to soak up everything at the Bishop show, and wanting to go into the city. We managed to do both, but I would have loved an extra couple days! I took iphone pics at the show (not nearly as many as I should have, but I was too busy ogling all the goodies), but Lance, good lad, caught all the video. I think the videos give you a much better feel for the show, so I'm going to attempt to post them here. Just bear with me, because I'm going to do some editing to get them down to size. This may take awhile :-/.

As I already knew, there was so much to take in, so I KNOW I missed quite a bit!! But the folks I met there were FANTASTIC!!!! So much talent, and so warm and friendly...much like the people in Chicago who we encountered. I've even told Lance several times that  Chicagoans are some of THE nicest people I've ever come across in any city, seriously!! He wholeheartedly agreed.

So, this is the first video, when we first walked in, pretty much. There were already tables in the hallway, and we hadn't even entered any of the rooms yet. You can see how much I was freezing my non-exisitent ass off by my clothing choices, btw. Jeans (which I never wear in Hawaii, seriously), a jacket, a sweater vest over a shirt, a coat over that, a scarf, a hat, and heavy boots. I look like a lumberjack crossed with Woody Allen. Here are pics of me and Lance as well (no coat- it went from freezing to pretty warm that day).

Ok, I'm having some problems uploading the video right now, but I'll keep trying. It'll show up, damnit!!


  1. WOAHHH and that's just the hallway leading to the rooms!??! WAHHH i was like O_O the whole time staring at the supplies...those beautiful ..ribbon(?) colours!!! and the displays!! yikes. am so glad to hear you had a great time! *sits and waits for more updates* HEE

  2. You guys look great!!! Love your hat...I'm waiting for the pic with the BLUE scarf ;)

  3. oh my goodness- now I really want to go next year even more! Thank you Kiva and Lance for taking video :)

  4. Kivakins, this is so great that you posted these videos of the show. EXCEPT that it's killin' me to see all the cool stuff I KNEW I was missing. BUT am so glad you the chance to see it all. Me still sad I missed it :-(

  5. Oh Yippee!!! I didn't know you posted more pics and vidoes of the show. This is great Kiva. Thanks!! I'm so glad you had a great time, I knew you would.

  6. Thanks guys!!! More on the way!!