Sunday, May 30, 2010

Must. Go. To. Shirokiya.

Ok, this post took me waaaay too much time to get format. AAAARGH!!!!!!!
There is a large store here in Honolulu named Shirokiya. It's been around since before I was born (methinks). It is a mulit-level mecca for all things Japanese. Electronics, toys, make-up, handbags, clothing, kitchenware, health name it. But best of all, an entire floor is devoted to FOOD. Imported Japanese food, from grocery items to delectible goodies cooked right in front of you. I always go into a frenzy when I visit because it is total, orgasmic sensory overload. These are a few pics from the last time I visited, but this is a just a miniscule sampling. I stuffed my face (and with me, this is some kind of fish, raw or cooked, or both), then surreptitiously snapped some pics on my way out. Asian food has been and will always be my favorite, and this is my preference, in order (although it changes sometimes):

1- Chinese
2- Japanese
3- Korean
4- Vietnamese
5- Indian
6- Thai
7- Filipino/Malaysian (noy HUGE on it, but they make kick-ass roasted pig)
Next week, we are going to a fantastic Indian restaurant and I'll snap lots of pics!! It's named Himalayan Kitchen, and the food  does have some Napalese Influence. I can't wait!!!!


  1. Now I'm hungry and all I have is chicken nuggets and fries for the kids - not good. I'll then eat Italian salami and Swiss chocolate :D

  2. Oh, you are making me hungry! This is so cool! I haven't been around your blog in a while, lemme catch up with you. :)

  3. Kiva,

    My favorite food is also Asian. The problem is where I live (in the south) I cannot get good Chinese or Japanese(though we have loads of those restaurants)! I think they gear it towards southerners tastes. Meaning, everything is waaaay over cooked! I call it all "Southern Fried Chinese". I miss living in the north for so many reasons.

  4. Outside of large metropolitan areas that have an Asian presence, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get good Asia food of any kind...sigh... North, South or anywhere in between.

  5. All my fav food is Asian in this order:

    1. Mum's home cook anything
    2. Thai
    3. Indonesian/Malay
    4. Chinese Sze Chuan
    5. Korean
    6. Japanese
    7. Other Chinese
    8. Vietnamese Pho Bho
    9. Indian

    After I tasted Rosanna's home cooked food, hers will find a place in my top ten and the 1st non-Asian :).

    Please take loads of pics for the Indian restaurant. It is impossible to find good Nepalese food here. Read this: If ever you and I hang out here, I will write to him and ask him nicely and MAYBE we can eat there. Memmorise all the Nepalese food names please!

  6. Kiva, you are not doing my diet any good at all!

    I am not good with raw food, but I do enjoy cooking and eating Thai, Chinese and Indian goodies.

    It is 6am here and you have already inspired me to eat!


  7. ok so now I am missing Tokyo again *sigh* all of this brings back so many nice memories

  8. Oh man, you guys, I seriously don't think that I would survive living in a city without decent Asian food. For real!!

    Susan, I totally forgot to take pics, damnit!!!!! I can't believe it!! I was so wrapped up in eating that I completely spaced. It was an orgy. Nexxt time I go, I promise to take pics, ok????

    Ron, if I could pic almost anywhere to revisit, it would be Japan, no question. When I went, I was far too young to appreciate anything :-/.

  9. the best food, they never cut any corners, anything fresh is REALLY fresh... I miss it over there :(