Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roasted turkey and crabs

Hey, it's more meat and seafood :-D!! And my text is still at the bottom :-/.


  1. Wow!! The texture, the colour, I don't know how you do it, little lady!!
    Well what a silly thing to say - if I knew how you did it I'd be doing it myself!!
    I just love all the colours that crabs are - and then they change when you cook them!

  2. I love your turkey, the colour and the texture is just perfect.

  3. Just amazing! With my poor english I don`t know enough words to describe the feeling... But You are really the Best Food Artist that I have seen so far..

  4. Simply amazing turkey!! I can almost smell the spices, and it makes me hungry!

    And the crabs are so realistic!!

  5. Babe, have you tried typing 1st and then insert image after the words. By the way, I have never been able to blog with Google Chrome. Too buggy. Try using Mozilla.

    Your chicken is really the best in the world, better than Singapore Chicken Rice. :) Did you make the tray too? Nicccccce!

    1st time I am seeing green crabs. Speaking of crabs, Cindy's gonna make us chilli and pepper crabs :). We will eat to your health..heh heh!

  6. The roasted turkey made me hungry! ;) Great as usual!

  7. Fab stuff, like Norma said, don't know how you do it :D


  8. That turkey makes me speechless and drooling....I want some turkey..NOW!!!!!
    Kiva, you are the best :)))))
    Synnøve xx

  9. Shucks! Turkey not chix! *giggle

  10. Dan ganas de sentarse a la mesa y empezar a comer, genial!!!
    besitos ascension

  11. El pollo tienen una textura perfecta!!,
    Los cangrejos los veo con un color raro, que tipo de cangrejos son?.

  12. The turkey is sublime work! FANTASTIC talent Kiva! You never fail to amaze me. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  13. Re photos and text - I load the lot, then copy and paste the photos where I want them. Might work for you.

  14. I know you've heard this before. But did you shrink a real roast turkey?! It's perfection. I love the texture and color. The only thing missing is the aroma. But I can well imagine it with such a perfect roast turkey.

  15. Kiva, you can drag the pics where you want them, too

  16. Kiva,the turkey are perfect!!

    it's looks delicious!!

  17. I load my photo's first and the add my text, it has always worked for me and I get my text where I want it. :o)

    Michelle xx

  18. Awwww, GEEZ!!!!! Thank you everyone!!
    Susan, if you see them in person, the top bodies are actually turqoise, but Blue Crabs actually vary from true blue to greenish blue. Ask Glenda, she knows her Blue Crabs! I ate them in Maryland. I do not believe that I've ever had Singapore chicken and rice, but I've seen it on video, and let me tell you, I already know that it's something I'd eat several times a week. Besides fish, chicken is one of my staples ;-).

    Oh KIKKA!!!!! No way!!!! You are an angel. Meat and seafood is my "thing", but just don't ask me to make a cake ;-). Thanks, sweetie, you are too kind!

    You know, I'm thrilled that you guys like the turkey. I started out wanting to make a capon chicken, but I just thought....the hell with it. Capons almost look like smaller turkeys, anyway!

    Ok, thanks for the advice! Hopefully my text will wind up where I want it to next time, haha!!

  19. How in the heck do you do it??? Your roasted meats look soooooo...um, well...roasted!!! I can not tell the difference between your poultry and beef and the real thing. Actually, that goes for all your mini foods, I've just never seen real blue crabs.
    Damn, I even zoomed in on those pics trying to find one little clue that they are clay miniatures but failed miserably, lol.
    Yep, I agree with Kikka.

  20. The turkey is beautiful, absolutely perfect. :)
    I like the crabs, too! I've had Maryland blue crabs, I do every summer. Anything with crab in it, I'll eat. :)

    (fears the pepper crabs might be too hot! lol am also looking forward to chicken and rice)

    (((Kiva)))) hope you are doing better. :)