Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is just ducky.

More meat. I had some roast duck yesterday in Chinatown so I made roasted duck. Not Chinese style (Peking!), which I love the best, but a regular one, straight up. Mom and I went to eat at a little hole in the wall because I told her that I wanted to learn to love innards. Erm....this is going to take awhile :-/. I felt like I was nibbling on something I shouldn't have been. Like a corpse!! I started with a Chinese porridge that contained stomach, pancreas, and various other tidbits. I can eat chicken hearts and gizzards, but this shit was INTENSE. Please, Andrew Zimmern, my new true love (sorry Anthony), give me strength!!!


  1. yuck - I felt sick when I read the text but the picture made me feel better!
    That Duck looks really good.

  2. ooo we have quite a lot of that here, braised in dark soy sauce (can be the sweet or salty variety)....i guess i was trained since young to build up the jaw muscles and counteract the gag reflex :X the duck looks amazing!

  3. Kiva you always make me laugh!
    But WHY would you want to eat what is on the inside, when the out side is so jolly good?

    Linda x

  4. Yummers, duck but I do love my duck roasted red and shiny :). Very unhealthy.

    Now, Linda, us Chinese believe that the innards cook in a certain way is really good for health ;p. I believe the French thinks they are gourmet food :). Pork liver in sesame oil, black vinegar are fed to nursing mums in their confinement month so that they can regain their strength and nutrients etc.

    I still can't do chicken blood though. Liver in small doses only but everything else no probs. I just had the best fried big intestines in a Cantonese restaurant:). I highly recommend everyone trying it. At least once in their life :).

  5. What we're raised to eat and find delicious always makes me smile -- my own tastes (for food, that is :) are so narrow that I love to hear about other people's!

    The duck is fab -- really toothsome. I feel as if I haven't eaten in about a day, so I'm going to get breakfast now, which won't be either fried big intestine (sorry, Sans, my darling) or duck, but I'll enjoy it all the more having visited your wonderful blog, Kiva!

  6. Hello Kiva,

    your roasted duck looks so real. Hmmm - I can smell it.

    Your whole work is beautiful.

    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

  7. Thanks guys!!!! You know, I love me some FAT. Crispy skin and fat, hold the meat.

    Susan, I would totally eat fried pig's ears and tails....and yes, fry anything and my juices will get flowing. But the stuff in this rice porridge was straight up, cut up and thrown in :-/. But I will persevere...I WILL learn to love innards, damnit!! I think I could even learn to love blood. I already prefer my meat rare.

    Nina, I love nothing more than a good ol' American breakfast, yes siree!! Eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, toast, you name it, baby. If I wake up early enough, eggs are a MUST.

  8. the blood cubes are rather tasty, pity they're hard to find here these days. i remember as a kid omnomming on them, they kinda taste like tofu. texturewise too. hrm.

    come to Singapore Kiva, we'll fatten you up real good :X