Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elbow deep in clay....

Once again, I have been neglecting my blog because I am in "the zone". It's been non-stop, 24/7, cranking!! I miss you guys, damnit!!! When I get commissions, I don't stop until I finish, for the most part, because I become obsessed. I also don't like to keep my customers waiting too long (partly because I know how impatient I can be ;-)). Whatever gets listed on ebay is extra that I make. So, it's the deluge, coupled with the fact that I am leaving for Chicago early next month for the show (yay!!!), which has been keeping me preoccupied. Maybe I can slow down for a bit when I return. I can't wait to see my buddies next month :-D!!!! Here's a few things I've made recently...


  1. As always - incredible! The best compliment that comes in mind: They really don't look like miniatures... ;O)


  2. Keep my fingers crossed for your show in Chicago:)

  3. Chicago will be a great sucess for you Kiva ;-),I know that!As always all the food is unbelieveable good and so realistic.Hugs,Jeannette

  4. Excellent as usual. Is that the Tom Bishop Show you are going to?



  5. Kiva is not actually selling in Chicago, she is just attending the shows. And yes Tom, it is the Tom Bishop show on the weekend of the 9th and 10th. Chicago International Wholesale Trade Show to be exact. Just answering for Kiva, cause I know she won't be awake for 4 more hours, hehe...

  6. I was wondering what happened to you. Your new pieces are great as always. I always like seeing what you've been up to. Have fun in Chicago!

  7. Ha!! You'll be sold out in Chicago! I know that (-;
    Your food is excellent!

  8. Wonderful foods, as always! Mmmm..gyoza! Enjoy your trip!

  9. Hi Kiva, my basket of eggs and worms is deliciously ghastly. Many thanks for another fab piece.

  10. Because of this post, we are having gyoza and ramen today for lunch, emphasis on GYOZA. Fab chopsticks :)

  11. Kiva, those pot stickers are amazing! I want some of my very own, please.

    Let's meet up at the show...I will be helping my friend Martha McLean at her table so I will be there starting Thursday.


  12. Thanks guys!!

    Tom, as Lance said, I'm not selling, but maybe next year!?? I'm going to check it out and spend money ;-)!! Oh, and get a tattoo and go shopping and eat!!!!

    Ahhh Janice, you're so welcome!!! You know I relish making the gruesome!!

    Alison, YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Those chopsticks are whittled toothpicks. You know, I'd actually love it if I could find some already made ones, maybe even in a different material?? I swear I've seen them before!!

    Sophia, absolutely!! I'll be there on Saturday!! The actual show starts on Friday, not Thursday, right? I have a memory like a sieve :-/.

  13. Jeanette, thanks sweetie!! I'm not selling this year but maybe the next?? I'd have to start making way in advance....yikes!!

    Ewa, I love what you did on your blog!

    Thanks so much, Birgit, Karin, and Robin!! I'm glad you guys like :-)!!

    Jainnie, I'm waving at you!!!!!

  14. Hi Kiva! Have an enjoyable visit in Chigaco!

    Love the Glorious Food and Fruit you have done!
    .. :)

  15. French Onion Soup!! Man do I love FO soup!!! Kiva that looks soooo good! Now I want some!!!