Friday, March 4, 2011

Croque Madame et Monsieur

I'm back from my mini vacation.....and I feel like death warmed over! I've been busy playing catch-up and  staying up until 4 am. A wonderful customer of mine asked for a Croque Madame (with salad) and two bowls of French OnionSoup. I had lots of fun making them ( love working with "melted cheese" ;-)). These are other variations I made though, with fries.


  1. Ooooh a vacation! I hope you had a wonderful time.

    This piece is just spectacular! it is so real I can't believe it.

  2. God, I LOVE that melted cheese and how real it looks!!! So do the fries!!! Welcome back from your mini break!!! Great comeback!!!

  3. Just like the ones we had in Paris....they look fabulous....even makes me a little hungry!!
    Welcome back!

  4. Ok, seriously folks, these are some hot looking fries!! I told Keaver earlier, I think these are flawless pieces. I can usually find fault in things, but I could not here. And btw, if Keaver is hung over from her trip, blame me. I am the one who kept her from napping most the time. Bad Lancey!!

  5. Kiva, the quality of your works is astonishing, they are more real than real.Keep having fun. Minihugs Rosanna

  6. Kiva,it looks so delicious,I'm really getting hungry by this!Jeannette

  7. Everything is awesome (the usual!), but I'm flipping out over the cheese and egg!!! Hoping you can squeeze in some shut-eye. Hurry up, April! :)

  8. Hi Kiva
    Your work is perfect and amazing as always!

    Stop by my blog and participate in my gift of a doll, before March 30.

  9. Oooh they look so real, it is just lunch time here, guess what, I am hungry!!:)

  10. Oh yum! I love Croque Monsieur, practically survived on them when I lived France. Those look great, the detail is amazing. Would love to see your French Onion Soup, too, another of my favorites!

    - Grace

  11. Hi Kiva! Sooo NICE to see You back! :)

    And those new plates with toast and fries are So Gorgeous! ... water in my mouth.. !

  12. Para visitar tu blog hay que venir despues de comer, sino corres hacia la nevera para buscar como hacer tu fantastico menu.
    Te ha quedado REAL!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  13. Oh this melted cheese -WOW! I love to eat it so you just made me hungry;D

  14. Kiva, quite extraordinary ~ looks crunchy, melty, and tasty, very realistic!

    Pamela ~

  15. Hey, thanks guys!! So happy you like the melted cheese work, lol!! No more hard clay (my usual)for making melted cheese. I went with the soft stuff, so as not to break my wrist this time ;-).

  16. Linda and Grace, I had them in Paris too!! I'm not a huge ham eater, but I love them!!

    Catherine, I had a great time!! Lance has ALOT of energy, and I've never walked so much in my entire life! I even hit the beach with him one day, something I haven't done in AGES (fear of leathery skin). I was bad- I coated myself in tanning oil :-/.

    Thanks Patty!! I feel like I've been ignoring my blog for too long!!

    Thank you, M.Narbon! Wow, what fabulous dolls you make!!! The costuming is astonishing, too!!

    Hey Emma!! Thank you!! I love French food, too ;-)!!

    Alison, it's only four weeks away!! FREAK OUT!!!

    Awww, Rosana, Kikka, Jeannette, Ascension, Ewa, and Pamela!! So SWEET!!!!!! I need to catch up with everyone's blogs!! I am going to try- after I finish ONE more fish!!!!

  17. You ain't seen nothing yet baby. Wait till I get you on the tennis courts someday, hehe...

  18. Hi Kiva!
    I just read about the terrible new in Japa, about the Tsunami it causes...
    I really hope with all my heart that You are Fine (in Hawaii)!