Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rock on, Cindy!!

It's no secret...I am a blogger with severe ADD. Started out strong, but now go in fits and starts. Life and other shit comes along and distracts me, but sometimes I take the time to visit other blogs and it is a real pleasure!! I visited Cindy's blog last night, all bleary eyed, yet I was thrilled to find that she is making more Asian food!! She makes lovely desserts, but when I see her embarking on one of her native "savory food" odysseys, I perk up :-D!! The great think about Cindy, and something I greatly admire, is her willingness to experiment...ALOT. She doesn't settle for "good enough". She wants to nail it. Here is an example of some of her latest dabblings. I love her method for noodle making, because they came out so fine and properly scaled. Oversized, fat noodles give me hives :-/. I usually roll mine out by hand till nearly breaking point to get them fine enough, but hers are so delicate and thin!!!! GREAT job, buddy!!!!


  1. Cyndi trabaja muy bien. Es un placer pasar por su blog. Siempre aprendemos algo :)
    Besos Clara

  2. Woohoo! I am glad you did this, Kiva. Cindy will be so pleasantly surprise or maybe you've told her already? We just met yesterday at my place and I saw all this up close and personal. Wait till you are here! She has done even more amazing stuff and they're just so incredible. I am so darn proud of her :). She puts our little country on the map :).

  3. Cind's work is AMAZING!!pics do not give it justice. As Sans says, wait and see it in real, you'll be blowminded. And she is a really realy nice girl. Rosanna

  4. The japanese miniaturists are famous for their skill, often left without looking at creating masterpieces you're right, always looking for perfection, and the results are out of the eye sockets ...

  5. Susan, no she had no idea, heehee!! She is a modest one, that Cindy ;-). Hopefully, I will seee you guys SOON!! I want to go eat and buy supplies and hang out, big time!!!

    Rosanna, I have NO doubt!! There is some food that you see pics of online, then see the real McCoy, and it's kind of "meh", but I already know that Cindy's work is just as refined in person, absolutely!! I WILL visit Singapore next year!!

    Alma e Lia, Cindy is Chinese, not Japanese, from Singapore, but yes, I agree, I am most often impressed by food miniaturists from Asia, particularly China and Japan. Master craftsmen (and women), perfectionists, innovators, and always a keen aesthetic sensibility. I love looking at their work!!!!

  6. I forgot to mention- the boyfriend now has somewhat of a "trained eye", lol!!!! He saw these noodles and said that they were killer ;-)!!

  7. ahhh


    i'm not worthy!!! orz orz orz

    i actually read this yesterday but i was waiting for the resin to set and didn't have the keyboard handy (i shift it aside when i have to work with minis)

    and i'm still not over the shock! i still have much to improve upon, and i'm far from modest HAHAH i'm just very very determined!! i've seen your work up close (thanks to Susan) and i feel that i still need to improve loads to even come close to your standards. so really, really OMG I AM NOT WORTHY *bow bow bow*

  8. Oh WOW!! I love Cindy's miniature food, but I'm glad you posted this Kiva, because I must have missed this one. I've got a lot of catching up to do visiting blogs. :-S
    Cindy, you are sooooo worthy, LOL. This is awesome, and OMG the noodles are PERFECT!

  9. Oh Cindy!!! NONSENSE, woman!! We all lurve your work ;-). It's your determination and experimentation that propels you.

    Kristy, killer noodles, no? SO fine!!!