Friday, November 5, 2010

Susan is batshit crazy and I love it!!

For a long time, I've wanted to do a post on Susan (aka Sans!)....but, I thought, wouldn't it be kind of redundant?? EVERYONE knows Susan and how immensely talented she is!! Hello? But seriously, every time I visit her blog, I'm speechless, which is rather rare for me ;-). Where to begin??? Her Maharaja's Palace is seriously MIND BLOWING, truly a work destined for a museum (not that she'd give it up, hehe)!! It's difficult not to gush, but her dedication and attention to detail are second to NONE. I would pay to see her work in person. And God willing, I will go to Singapore next year!!! So, here's to Susan, wild, talented chick, and truly, a one of a kind!!!

You really must see her blogs to take everything in, because there's  a cacophony of eye candy, but here is just a tiny, tiny taste...


  1. I totally agree! I am addicted to her colorful work and the stories she writes always amuse me. Yea sans!!!


  2. Cannot say it better,I'm totally partial towards Susan, I love her and her works too much.Next year you'll be very happy to be in Singapore :o))Minihugs Rosanna

  3. I agree too, Susans work is beathtaking, inspiring and different, I am always exiced to see her posts. She is a nice friend to know too, and I am very happy to recieve her comments on my blogs.
    Lucky you going to Singapore!
    Love, Susanne

  4. I totally agree too! Susan's work is just beautiful and totally original!!!
    Ooooh a trip to Singapore how wonderful!

  5. Definitely agree with you, her palace is mind blowing and so is her talent. And on top of that, she tells great stories, AND she's a sweetheart one of a kind. :)

  6. She's one of a kind isn't she:) I love her stories as much as I love her miniatures:)

  7. Sans rocks!! Her mini style and sense of colour are fantastic, and her storytelling skills are bewitching. To top it all she's a real sweetie!!

  8. Susan is amazing and a wonderful woman! :)

  9. Count me in on the Sans fan club -- she's not only a gifted miniaturist, she's an amazing person whose posts always illuminate some aspect of the human condition. She makes me think and feel, and I love her work.

  10. ..........

    *sniffs sniffs

    *coughs coughs


    You should see me now, Kiva, you will be shocked at how big my mouth has extended (from ear to ear) just from reading this post! What a nice welcome home greeting :):). Am just back from Sri Lanka with a terrible cold. But cured after reading this so I will celebrate by going dancing! haha

    And I am most touched by the sweet words from Victoria (dearie, I got your parcel today :) ), Rosanna (my bestest friend :)thank you for telling me about this post), Susanne (my fellow rust lover), Catherine (I think I have found what you wanted, will email you) Kristy aka Kathy (hehe, just teasing babe, and I have no palace yet and I expect you to come to Singapore too so I can feed you intestines! :):)) dear darling Ewa who loves my taste in music :), Glenda (I have been thinking of you a lot , must do a post on the youknowwhat soon), Eva (did I just win that beautiful pendant from you??? YAYAYAYYAY!) and my 1st diva friend, Nina :):)! You guys are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too kind with your words!


    Btw, I have booked you already at The Palace Sans! I have no doubt at all that you will be here.

  11. tee hee i feel so lucky and privileged to know Susan too, we even have monthly 'dates' *gloats* and yes, she's even better in person ;) every month i stand in front of her tribal house and play 'spot the difference' LMAO

    hope to see you in SG soon Kiva!!!


  12. We all lurve Susan!!!! And yes, I humbly accept the invite to
    your abode/museum ;-)!!! I will travel to the Far East to see you and
    Cindy. It will be a food tour and I will morph into a female
    Anthony Bourdain!! Now if we could just get Kristy to go, it will be a
    full in partay. Tattoos, intestines, and miniatures!! What more could
    a girl ask for????

  13. Erm, I don't usually format posts like that, but I'm on
    my iPhone :-/. Someone left a new bottle of red wine in their
    shopping cart outside Sam's Club so I just relieved them of it.
    It's for my sister. I'm a beer drinker ;-).

  14. I agree! I love her works too♥ Sans is so talented and she also makes me so happy with her coments:D
    Greetings, piikko

  15. Yes, I Agree.
    Sans is having so Lovely & Colorful pages that they really Fresh me up every time I wisit!
    Thank you Kiva!
    Your work is also so gorgeous always!