Monday, October 4, 2010

Mushroom log w/ladybugs, antique bottles, and I hate Facebook

I made a mushroom log and put two little ladybugs on a couple of the shrooms, per my sister's request ;-). Also, I have a stash of glass bottles that I can't fill to save my life (the openings are insanely small), so I just grunged them up and made them old, lol!!! I did have some cobwebbing over them too but removed it because it looked a little weird.

On another note, if there is anyone who is wondering why I haven't "friended" them back on Facebook or not answered any messages for a few days, it's because I can't log into Facebook!!  On my iphone OR my laptop!! There is some kind of asinine, new "security measure" implemented that makes you jump through hoops to make sure you are the same person logging in from different computers or devices. Because I have the Facebook iphone app on my phone, and also log in from my computer, it asks me to verify my identity now. The problem is, this is the verification process: it pulls random photos from all your contact's photo albums and asks you to correctly name the person. Now, I am getting everything from peoples' artwork, to childhood photos, to vacation pics, to frigging screenshots of the "farming" games they play!! HELLO?? Everything but the actual person (and to be honest, I would screw that one up too, in most cases!!!!). And that is the ONLY method of verification! Nope, no secret word, no "what was was your father's middle name" kind of thing. So, I am shut out, for now. Honestly, I have never liked Facebook, and I don't visit there often,  but this is redonkulous!


  1. ROFL!!!!
    I couldn't stop laughing reading your comment about facebook. Random pictures from all your contact's photoalbums??? I can picture it now, you having to guess who the person is on a schoolphoto taken 50 years ago! Or seeing some of your contacts in their bathing suits unexpected. LOOOOOL, still laughing here...

    Ohw..i adore that log with mushrooms on it, I could find the ladybugs after a second look. The bottles are great too.

    *walks away still laughing out loud*

  2. LMAO...Kiva, you crack me up!

    I too have problems with bottles that are too flippin small to fill and I grunged mine and put them in mini dustbins (or trash cans, to those non UK-ers!!)
    Yours look great.

  3. Oh, i am sooo glad I don't do facebook... I would get so confused!! I love you mushrooms and bottles :0)
    Julia xx

  4. I love the bottles :D The mushrooms too of course:)

  5. Your sister is very lucky for beautiful mushrooms, but they are poisonous ...
    You're taking revenge for loud music?
    Even I do not really like facebook

  6. Las botellas son fantasticas.
    Y las setas, me puedes decir donde estan para ir a recogerlas?
    .........pense que eran de verdad y como aqui en el bosque todavia no hay......jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  7. Too funny !!And now I am more than happy of having quitted FB after only 3 days of membership!The log is wonderful.Rosanna

  8. I love the mushroom log! The bottles are perfectly wonderful dirty.
    As for Facebook...You made me laugh so hard!

  9. ROFL! That's hilarious about FB. I don't have facebook and don't plan to...EVER, LOL.
    I love the log too Kiva. The mushrooms are perfect, and so are the itty bitty little ladybugs. I like the grunged up bottles (maybe even more than "liquid" filled ones actually).

  10. I only have 30-ish friends on FB and I don't know if I could do that. A lot of people have photos of exes, pets, even food that I wouldn't recognise as theirs. Plus I haven't seen some of these people since I moved after 8th grade... and I'm 28!

  11. Kiva, I LOVE that mushroom log! It really came out wonderful! The bottles are perfect too!!

  12. I can just imagine having to go through those pics! I think I'd quit FB if I had to. I used to use it to stay in contact with my cousins. They were all in to Farmville. I got sucked in for a week or two and never thought I'd find my way out.

    Love your mushrooms and bottles. Your work is fabulous as always!

  13. Facebook sucks!!

    Love the shrooms baby!!!

  14. Kiva, I love both pieces with a really soft spot for the bottles.

    I was on FB and the games last year and quit the games early this year. I still get requests for logs, eggs and fences ..haha! Didn't know they are asking for verifications with pics now. Must go check it out now .

  15. HAHA!! Peggy, I'm serious!! I was so frigging pissed....then I thought: screw it. It took me ages to even join Facebook, and I never really warmed to it in the first place. It's a great site to catch up with old classmates (some I don't even remember), fellow miniaturists, and some family members, but it's also a time suck! I get tons of spam for requests to join groups I've never heard of before, messages from people I've never met (and don't want to know....this is excluding miniature peeps), and updates on people's "farming" activities. WTF?? So and so just bought 5 sheep. HUH??

    I'm happy you guys like the shrooms and bottles, though :-D!! Honestly, I am running out of steam with the Halloween stuff. I always love making the weirdo pieces, but I'm itching to deviate a bit. Someone wants Morrocan food, and I'd love to get started on that!!

  16. Alma, LOL!!!!! It is partly my fault for the loud music!! I love my little sister and I let her get away with murder ;-)!!

    I am sooooo glad that I am not the only one who doesn't like Facebook (although I suspected as much). I would really like to leave, actually. But I can't even log in to delete my account...hello???

    Susan, that cracks me up!!! But you know what? I think that unless you log in on two different "devices", whether that be two different computers, or a computer and a cell phone, etc, you wont get hassled. I understand their need for user's security, what with the immense backlash they've received as of late, but this is SO poorly implemented :-/.

  17. A mi tampoco me gusta mucho el Facebook. Para darte de baja tan solo tienes que entrar desde otro PC o dispositivo.

    Tus setas son perfectas, y las botellas, tienen encanto, para rellenarlas has probado con una jeringa?, cargas la resina, y le pones la aguja y listo no se resiste ni el agujero más fino.
    Yo lo hago así.

    Me neither I love the Facebook. To unsubscribe just have to come from another PC or device.

    Your mushrooms are perfect, and bottles, have charm, have tried to fill them with a syringe?, Loads the resin, and you put the needle, ready or not resist the fine hole.
    I do so.

  18. Hola Teresa, mi amigo! Sí, he tratado de una jeringa, pero la resina es demasiado grueso! También he probado con Escénicas agua, y aún así, no van :-(.

    Facebook es terrible! Todavía no he sido capaz de iniciar sesión, después de casi dos semanas. El problema es el proceso de verificación. Soy incapaz de identificar lo que están pidiendo, y no existe un método alternativo.

  19. Your mushrooms are outstanding, the bottles are amazing!! I love it all, such a wonderful work, Kiva.
    I do not like Facebook and I am glad that my son helped me me to cancel my account there .

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