Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Frankenmallows, and revisiting Dillheads

More goofiness with Halloween. Hey, any time I can slap a face on something, I will do it :-D!! Mom and I went to Border's Bookstore on Sunday, after breakfast (I am a sucker for American breakfasts: scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, sausage, and pancakes), and I was thumbing through magazines. Around this time, there are a ton of Halloween themed cooking related mags, and I saw these Frankenstein marshmallow thingees. So, I made some, along with Dill Heads, which I've done before.


  1. Te han quedado geniales!!!!
    En este tiempo hay mucha informacion sobre Halloween y se puede aprovechar para ir probando nuevas ideas.
    Los ojos, son comprados o los haces tu?
    besitos ascension

  2. I love the Dillheads! Totally cute.

  3. Hehe :) Sooooooo funny!

    One of these days, you must show us how you'll do up a Halloween vignette with just your creations :)

  4. Frankenmallows!!! That's hilarious!
    And I remember seeing your pickle heads before, they're adorable!
    Are you running out of eyeballs yet? LOL

  5. I wonder how you can be so thin, although they adore the food so hearty.
    Your creations are so real, because the image can also be transmitted to their taste.
    I enjoy a lot, even foods that do crazy, these send me your whole sense of irony.
    I hope that google has translated well.
    I'm working for you ...