Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ok, who pinched a loaf??

This is a restaurant in Taiwan, and it's named Modern Toilet. I don't know about you, but the concept fails to get my juices flowing (no pun intended). Pretty wacky, though! The first pic is the outside of the restaurant, and the second one shows what the seating and tables are like ;-)



  1. WHAT THE.....?????? Hahaha, okay that is way too weird! Is this actually a popular joint? I wonder what kind of food they serve.
    It certainly doesn't do much for my appetite - I wouldn't think it would do much for anybody's appetite!! What the heck were they thinking??

  2. ROFL!!!! I just went to the website - it says stuff like "shit or food?", "go pee-pee or go poo-poo", "to eat or to pee", and "deliver ur shit"
    It started out by selling ice cream-big pile of chocolate ice cream served in a toilet shaped container! AND...apparently it is a popular place among the Taiwanese because they ask to make reservations a day in advance.

  3. Well they didn't have to pay much for the furniture. A quick trip to the junk yards and "Bob's Your Uncle". I wonder if the napkins come on a roll? The name is a bit odd. You would think they could have come up with something a bit clever. As for the menu, I skipped reading that.... Somehow I lost my appetite. ? ;-)

  4. uhm toilets and food don't mix but i seethe humor. We have a restaurant in Hollywood called Le Tub, but they use tubs and toilets as planters :D

  5. Ops, it doesn't look mouthwatering. Actually it has taken all my appetite as I still need my breakfast. No chance for it being popular here and I cannot understand how it can be in Taiwan.But people might like the "dirty" effect and look it as the ultimate challenge, who knows? Have a nice day, Rosanna

  6. Hahaha....the owner has a really big sense of humor. Crazy!!

  7. Muy original, pero para mí nada elegante. No sé si iria a comer a ese retaurante :(
    Besos Clara.

  8. It was big news here when they opened :) .

    Kristy, I was also told that it is very popular with the kids. For novelty. I remembered the "poo" ice cream and I think it was served in what looked like a toilet . Even in Mandarin, the name of the shop (Ma-Tong) means "Toilet" as in the WC.

    Well, it is now a chain restaurant , I think there are more than 10 of them in Taiwan and at least one in Mongkok, Hongkong.

    Kiva, you should go there for ice cream or sushi-on-hole if you are in Hongkong.

    Next time, if I make mini food that look like shit, I will make a Ma-tong restaurant for it

  9. This restaurant is a crazy idea.
    But I think it works?

    I can imagine to go in and have a seat ;-)

    But I can't imagine to eat something there.

    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

  10. Well,well and what the ?... but had a good laugh anyway! Have to go and see... to say anything more? HA!

  11. Muy original e impactante.
    Hya que ver lo que inventa la gente para llenar los locales.
    besitos ascension

  12. Uuuuuuuuh Kiva,
    what in the world do they serve???
    Is it so bad that they immediately have to provide toilet and sink (gulp....;-)).
    This link makes me grin and the idea of Sans! is absolutely great! In future I will keep all my miniature food which looks like shit and make my own german pot restaurant .... anyhow... Thanks Kiva for your amusing links!
    Have a great day, Heinrike

  13. My twenty year old son laughed and said that was awesome! That's really novel restaurant design!

  14. It is a very odd name - fancy having lunch in the toilet! Yuck! :-)