Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quesadillas and Taquitos

I was asked to do something for Dolls House and Miniature Scene, so since I was on a little Mexican kick, I did a how-to on Tamales. But I thought I'd make a couple more things, so here's a Quesadilla and some Taquitos. There was actually a bowl of Guacamole with the Taquitos, but I threw it away because it looked like a bowl of snot.


  1. Love the texture on the "skins", Kiva! And I love how you coloured the slightly burnt bits. Very very nice!

    You should have shown your guacamole as "snot" in another post and not throw it away. You never know, some witchy projects may just be looking for a bowl of snot. Heard that's a key ingredient for the "how to grow a hawk nose" recipe.

    Were your ears aching last night? I showed Cindy, Asuka and Dale your work. There is no longer any doubt that you are the best! :)

  2. Yes, yes, I still think you are the best!
    I can`t believe these aren`t realsize Mexican food! Incredible! I am hungry! ;)

  3. WHAT!??? You guys are much too kind!! If you actually saw the Guacamole, you would have said otherwise, trust me. But hey Susan, methinks you are onto something...a jar of snot would be cool....I think ;-). But wait a minute. Do you have Cindy, Asuka, and Dale at your house???? WTF??

    Oh Kikka!! You knit so beautifully...and hello?? Are those miniature laptops I see?? No way!!

  4. Wonderful. Love the salsa.

    I am sure many of the people with witchy houses would have loved a bowl of snot lol.

  5. The quisadillas are making me hungry. I'll have them with a side order of taquitos, please. They look yummy!

  6. Kiva,

    It gets increasingly difficult to tell you how fantastic I think your work is! I LOVE it all!!! Those quesadilla's and taquitos look much tastier than the ones I had recently!

    Oooooh yes, a jar of snot would be great for witchy projects. You will have to give some though to what magical animal it was collected from. Maybe from one of Luna's crumpled horn snorkacks. LOL ;-)

  7. Mnhãm! Mnhãm! I want! I want!
    Very desirable.

  8. I have this vision ... one of my stone chip and dip platters dripping with ... well ... snot!!! ROFLMAO .... Is there no end to your creativity? Love the Mexican by the way. Now I need a snack.


  9. Snot? Only you would say something like this Kiva!!!! LOL.


  10. HAHA!!! Thanks everyone!!
    Catherine, you are genius, YES!!! I'll leave out the diced tomatoes ;-).

    Ok Tom, you're on! I have another one of your gorgeous stone and wood chip platters, so I will make some...minus the phlegm! I am leary of putting it in the oven, so I'll make salsa and chips!

    Sophia, and I LOVE guacamole! What the hell happened?? I fear that I will always be reminded of snot whenever I eat it now :-/.

  11. HA!!! I love the snot idea!!! Sans, you have an actual Kiva miniature at your home?? Lucky!!
    As usual, Kiva, there's no way to tell these quesadillas and taquitos from the real thing! Mind-blowing!

  12. Kristy, I have a few (a nice Indian spread of kebabs with mint sauce on the side-not snotty at all, naans, plate of rice and 2 different types of desserts, also a crate of coconuts and bananas) not enough :).

  13. Kiva, LOL! you should be here, too. :)

    Love the taquitos, it's making me hungry.