Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mount Oystermore- Sorry guys, I accidentally deletedthis post on my iphone!!

I'm having a blast putting sea life on rocks lately. Crabs, fish, eels, and now oysters! A small colony of them! I've named this piece (with Lance's help) "Mount Oystermore". The difference is, these guys aren't erm....dead. If you thought I could be warped, you should hear some of the things Lance has suggested I make, hehe.

-AAAARGH!!!!!!!! I was trying to reply on my iphone and something happened, I'm not quite sure what. It turned this post into a draft!! Sorry about that :-S. But thanks guys- I'm glad you like this!!

TOM??? Where have you been???


  1. Yep, I asked her to make a giant clay whale one time, and she just laughed at the idea. I thought it would be cute, but she said it would take up too much clay. Maybe someday, sigh...

    Love the oysters baby!! They are some of the happiest oysters u ever made, and none of them are escaping, thank God.

  2. Erm, upon closer inspection, these oysters aren't happy at all. They actually look quite terrified. Poor little guys. It wouldn't take but a few minutes for someone to eat all 7 of them, lol.

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  4. Sorry for the accidental double post.

  5. They are wonderful. Fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Looking Good!

    Love the wee expressions of fear!



  7. Me he divertido mucho viendo tus geniales ideas, no me extraña que lo pases bien haciéndolo y pensando en lo divertido que quedará, están geniales.
    Un abrazo

  8. Wow un trabajo alucinante!!! me encanta

  9. Yo siempre te lo digo Kiva, me gusta esa faceta tuya trabajando.
    Por cierto, felicidades por tu Publicación en la revista Miniaturas.
    Has visto el articulo?.


  10. You can make a fish tank worth of these creatures! Come to think of it, I haven't seen a miniature aquarium yet but I am sure if there is one for a museum, it will be filled with your creations!