Sunday, October 23, 2011

IGMA Blog!! Happy Halloween!!!

Just in case you didn't know, there is a new IGMA blog and it's a beaut!! And I'm not saying this because my work is featured right now, hehe. The lovely Pat Richards runs the blog and does a bang up job!! THANKS PAT!!! And thanks for the wonderful piece you did ;-)!! Check it out:



  1. Happy Halloween to you, Kiva! :)

    Thanks for the link. The only bummer is that there is no way to follow it. :(

  2. Great post on the Cube and so well deserved!! Pat Richards tells it like it is :)

    You flew in and out like a phantom XD How was the drive from LA to SF? Did that years ago when the kids were small and it was a good time. Hi to his Inkiness, Mr. Lance!

  3. It was brutal Alison. We got lost on the way to S.F. We had fun driving there though.

    Hello to you too.

  4. Beautiful basket with pumpkins, and thanks for the info. Good week and kiss on the heart.

  5. Love your pumpkins, Kiva. They look really good in my kitchen too! :)

    Went to the blog , so glad they finally started something but like Dale said, couldn't follow it. :(

  6. happy halloween!! nice pumpkin and the display!

  7. Thanks guys!!
    Alison, we did get lost....alot, lol!!!! In hindsight, it's really funny, but at the time, we we're like, WTF???? Had a great time, though!!!