Monday, March 15, 2010


I made two hearts, one on ice, and one "growing" in a jar. I usually have avocado seeds growing like this, but I substituted a heart. Kinda creepy, no? Sometimes, the need to make creepy stuff creeps up on me. I can feel it coming.


  1. Two hearts! Doctor Who (my favourite!!) has two hearts!
    Totally inappropriate comment, sorry.
    Your creepy creations are wonderful, Kiva!!

  2. I looooooove them both!!!!!!!

  3. I love them both too but the one growing in a jar like an avocado seed- brilliant! Love that one the most!

  4. Babe, what's with the heart fetish all of a sudden, *suspicious! 2 hearts at one go? And why do you have to grow a heart? Have you lost yours again? O, you mean they are not real? Shucks

  5. My heartfelt congratulations with another great creation!!!!
    Synnøve x

  6. The growing heart is wild.

    Are more organs on their way? I'm thinking transplants for dolls.... weird science, kinda stuff... ;)

  7. Thanks guys!!! I'm glad you like :-D!! I was hoping that the growing one would look like an actual heart...and not a big blob!

    Susan, lol!!! Do you know why I wanted to make hearts? Because I saw an anatomical heart tattoo recently! Plus, as Dale has guessed, I am in the mood to make some body parts stuff again ;-)!

    Dale, I've done kidneys, livers, entrails, you name it. I even made stool and urine samples. No vomit yet though!