Friday, December 16, 2011

An ode to hideous food

Haven't had much time for another blog post, until now. I'm in full scale seafood making mode, to fill a lovely customer's fish cart :-).

But the reason for this post.  I must admit, I've had a little obsession with ugly food. When I was a teen, approximately *cough* years ago, we would receive these strange packets in the mail. Curious, I opened one and was astounded at what I saw! Recipe cards, in full garish color, of some of the most tragic looking food I'd ever seen!! They looked like they were from the 60s and 70s. I this a joke!?? Alas, it was not, and we continued to receive these, and I started saving all of them. Every time I saw a packet, it was like Christmas!!

Well, that card collection is long gone, but I've picked up the collecting bug again, buying old cookbooks and recipe cards from the 60s and 70s (mostly). Below, I share with you just a taste of the beauty of hideous food! The collection below is from Weight Watchers. Is there any question people would undoubtedly lose weight following these recipes??


  1. YUMMMMY! :) Is it any wonder I can't lose weight if I find that yummy?!

    But there are food I just can't eat thanks to how they look -

    jelly meat (eeeeeeeeeew, sorry!)

    Found this sandwich which I thought I would never eat and then found out that I really couldn't eat it : haha

  2. It does make you wonder what they were thinking when they published those photos. Anything jellied grosses me out. Tomato jellied, fish jellied. Ewwwww!

  3. Maybe just looking at the pictures is supposed to make you lose your appetite. LOL.

  4. Tanja Jensen - sugarCharmShopDecember 17, 2011 at 12:09 PM

    They look like cards my mom has lying around somewhere in their house haha. but oh my, these are horrible but facinating

  5. Hi... I have one Red box full with those cardS also. Mine cards are from 70s.
    Every now and then I look at them as to remind me of: if there would be someting..but no..


  6. Oooh my! I recall these hahaha My mom had dozens of them... I must confess; I recently bought a 70's cookbook with subdues color photo's of folk in ultra modern clothing doing ultra modern things in their ultra modern brown kitchen :D I just try to think their taste buds were still in development???

    Thanks for sharing (wink, wink) and best of luck with the fish cart

  7. Susan, where's the sandwich?? I saw a hobbit and some other stuff, hehe!! You like the looks of this grub?? GET OUT!!!

  8. Catherine, I hear you! I don't get aspic either. Blech!

  9. Mary, lol!! I know, right??

    Tanja, I love em!! Totally fascinating!!

    Ok Kikka, cough it up. Those puppies are worth some serious coin. Also, some old Betty Crocker books go for several hundred a pop!!

  10. Debora, thanks sweetie!
    Hey, sounds like that book is right up my alley ;-). I have some snipes on some 70s cookbooks on ebay RIGHT NOW!!