Saturday, December 31, 2011

The new Good Sam Show Blog is launched!!

My dear friend and mentor, Martha Puff, and her son Michael, two mforces to be reckoned with in the world of miniatures, have launched a brand spanking new blog, and it's all about the Good Sam Show!! The very first miniatures show I ever visited was the Good Sam in San Jose, California (when we still lived in San Francisco). It was with my daddy, so I'll never forget it. I was in heaven, rushing everywhere, taking it all in, and wanting to buy everything!! With everything shopping related, dad usually liked to hustle us along (I usually dragged my ass, trying stuff on and lingering at cosmetics counters, hehe), but he was just as into it as I was! We spent hours looking at every table and he even kept an eye out for supplies I could use ;-). So yes, Good Sam has a special place in my heart. I haven't been to many shows, but there's something about this one that has a more personal touch. It's also where I met Martha and Michael in person, both so talented and generous and kind and...ok, I could go on, but you get the gist ;-). Here's a link to the blog, and a pic I swiped of a very cool cobbler's bench. There will be much more to come!!

p.s. I've been miserably ill for the past week, so please excuse my absence...from almost everywhere!

Good Sam Show


  1. Happy New Year, Kiva!!
    I hope you feel better?!

    Thank you for sharing the Good Sam Show link with us!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Kiva! Sorry to hear about You being ill, Hope You are feeling better now!?

    Thank You for sharing this Good Sam Show link!

    Take Care

  3. Lots of good health wishes to you! And happy New Year!

  4. She ain't kidding. Poor Kiva is suffering right now, so let's all send her well wishes. Love you honey. Get well.

  5. Kiva, I want to bring you soup! Ginseng chicken and then red date ginger tea. Are you down with pox, poor dear ? I had German measles just 3 years ago and suffered like mad. Get well soon ok?

    And trust you to drag your sick self out of bed to do this post for a friend. You are an angel, you know?

    Of course, I will go check them out. Their work is awesome!

  6. Espero que te encuentres mejor y hayas podido disfrutar del fin de año.
    Te deseo que se cumplan todos tus sueños en este nuevo año.
    besitos ascension

  7. Hello, I hope you're better, a happy 2012 to you, which begins this year full of accomplishments. Kiss in your heart.

  8. ok - will try to leave a comment again lol
    I was just trying to say that I love the detail in your work

    from Tyla @

  9. Me parece increible lo que haces
    No conocía tu blog y me sorprendió ver la calidad de tus trabajos. Voy a seguirlo

  10. You have a beautiful blog. You are really talented! :)

  11. kiva!!! I miss you!!! We haven't talk in ages!!! Sorry you are sick... I have a stomach bug too!Hope you feel better soon girl!Must check this show too! smiles~