Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Russian web article, a castle, and a couple fish pies

Recently, a very sweet woman named Olga emailed me and asked if she could write an article for her Russian miniatures site here:
Of course, I said yes, and just now browsed the website! I just started clicking around and found a fab castle! It was conceived by an American miniaturist named Elaine Diehl, and it's a real grand "old dame" of a dollhouse. The piece took thirteen years to construct!! It must be MASSIVE!! There are other great works highlighted there as well, like Queen Mary's dollhouse. Sometimes, I love looking at big old lavish houses :-D. Below are pics of the castle.

The other pics are my fish pies ;-). My boyfriend, Batty....erm, Lance, has always wanted one of my Stargazey pies. Why? Because he's weird!! And really, I've found that most guys tend to like the weird stuff the most. Well, I finally broke down and made him one, because he kept bringing it up!!! In all honesty, it is wonderful to have a boyfriend who is so interested in what you do and wants to see everything...and OWN everything, hehe (he has a little collection of things I've made him, yes). Most importantly, he knows that when I "disappear" for long periods of time (which I do alot), I'm not ignoring him!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the discovery of the castle.
    The fish cakes are amazing!

  2. Awww. That was sweet baby, and thanks a million for the amazing fish pie!! There is something fishy about that pie though. :-/

    P.S. I am weird??? First I was nice, then I became crazy, and now I am weird. What's next???

  3. Who wouldn't want a piece of that cake, Kiv!

    Gotta go check out the website. I haven't met many Russian miniaturists but those I have are all superb at what they do.

  4. Kiva, I am a fan of Elaine's Castle. For years it was here in Arizona and I had the good fortune to see it in person several times.

    It is amazing. If you would like a closer look, go here.

  5. Oh, wow what a building! Thanks for the link!

  6. Lancey, weird, coming from me, is a GOOD thing!!

  7. Oooooh, thanks Casey!!! Off to check it out ;-)!!

    Thanks guys!!! Glad you like the pies!!

  8. wahhhahaha amazing indeed! i'm learning how to eat fish (as in, i've never really liked it, but need to include it in my diet now) but i like*DILEMMA* XD