Monday, November 14, 2011

Russian article, crab claws, and fruit

It's here! Olga did a bang up job on the article!! Lots of pics, and I used my Google translator ;-)!! Thanks so much, Olga!! Hey Susan, I'm with you- I want to see more Russian miniatures!!

Also, here's a jar of crab claws and a fruit basket...


  1. Hi Kiva!
    The Russian article With the Photos was Super! (Didn`t understand a word..) Your work is so amazing, there are no words needed!

    And these: The Jar of Crab Claws and The Fruit Basket... They are stunning! Wish I could live alittle closer...

    I want to tell You a "word thing" what I have had in mind so many times, but here it comes now:
    Your name "Kiva";
    We in Finland have this word also...
    Kiva means Nice!
    Kiva tyttö = Nice Girl! :)

  2. Awww, thank you Kikka!! In that case, you are a Kiva too
    ;-)!! I didn't know that Kiva is a Finnish word! In grade school, we learned what a kiva is in Hopi Indian, hehe. Some kind of underground ceremonial pit! My parents named me after a Hebrew couple's child they used to know....go figure!

  3. Kiva is the sweetest & most unselfish girl I have ever met. Truth be told. And that is a bang up job on the fruit basket too.

  4. Omee! Kiv, it's like going to your blog, reading that article! Fab job cos she was raving about you like you are the Goddess of Clay Food :) and that you definitely are. I don't think I have ever seen a better jar of anything than those claws.

    And Lance, I totally believe you!

  5. A wonderful article,I translated it with my google and everything is true.A great artist and a lovely person ;-)!Hugs,Jeannette

  6. i'm waiting for my sluggish computer and connection to translate, but the pictures loaded up and OMG! it's a beautiful article, i can tell already!!!

    *mosies off to read it*

    yuh yuh i would sit down with a nutcracker and snack on those claws YUM

  7. OMG!!! Thanks so much, you guys!! SWEET!!! But uhh...I can be a beeyotch, trust me ;-). Just ask Lance, lol!!!!