Thursday, September 22, 2011

Witch's eggs and graveyard brownies

I made a basket of witch's eggs, with green ooze, and graveyard brownies! I made the brownies last Halloween as well, although they're a bit different this time (more "dirt", hehe). I  originally snapped a pic of the brownies with a little shovel, then decided against it. Fun times!!! I think Halloween is the only time I make dessert like things. I'm definitely a "savory" maker. Oh, and weird stuff too ;-).


  1. You make black food look so great, Kiv! These Halloween quail's eggs are going to be your evergreen classic horror items.Like the graveyard cakes.

    And is that the Singapore Chow Mien on your header? My housemate is in the US now and he said he's definitely going to try the Singapore chow mien .You already know that does not exist here in Singapore right?

  2. I am so inspired by you! Wow, love the eggs; gives a whole new meaning to "Green Eggs and Ham".

  3. very orrible but very taste!!! fabulous work!

  4. too cool and wonderful.. what would the eggs hatch into if you incubated them:-)? heheheh!! would Andrew Zimmern eat them? I bet he would give a go..

  5. Love it! Those brownies look delicious... and I love the new noodle pic on top! mmmm!

  6. Amazing! I am a big fan as you know, your miniatures are amazing and I love the sense of humor they have!

  7. Awww, thanks everyone!!

    Hey Eliana sweetie!!! I'm waving to you from Hawaii :-D!!

    Susan, no, but I remember you telling me that Singapore noodles don't exist outside of Singapore!! That "dish" is all over the place! It's got super skinny noodles...I think they may even be rice noodles, with a mild curry flavor, plus other stuff in it like bean sprouts, etc. It's not something that I order, because I go right for the classic Chinese chow mein, especially "Hong Kong Style"!!!