Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fig heads, Fig heads, rolly polly Fig heads

Fig heads, Fig heads, eat them up, YUM!! Anyone remember that little ditty? Except, it was actually "Fish Heads". Very strange song.

BTW, I was asked to do another how-to for Dollshouse and Miniature Scene (I really am going to stop doing these for awhile), and I chose fish- so that should be coming up soon! If anyone has a difficult time obtaining a copy, just email me. Shhhh.....


  1. *nudges Kiva, real hard*


    haha your googly eyed cuties always crack me up! i tasted figs for the first time last year, omg it was soooo good i think i had 3 servings. they were baked halves with some caramelized sugar crust on top....omg...*salivates just thinking of it*

  2. I taught my kids the Fish head song back in the late 80's! THanks I have that song stuck in my head!!!
    Bugs & Hisses

  3. jajajaja, so nice!! I like their eyes! greetings

  4. I am with Patty. I am going to have the fish heads song stuck in my mind for a couple of days now. I have a huge fig tree in my back yard....I think that it is defective. None of my figs ever have cute faces!LOL Very cute figs!

  5. so cute! Love their goofy little faces!! I remember the fish head song- we used to listen to a radio show call Dr. Demento (I think) and it was always on there. I'm with Patty- I'll be singing it in my head all day today now :)

  6. Very cute. Beautiful!!

  7. Hahahaha - they are sooooo cute. I love the little guy sticking his tongue out!
    fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads, fish heads......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Make it stop!! Damn you Kiva! LOL

  8. Those figs are sooo awesome! I wish I could make my hobby my career. Looking for work in Michigan is impossible when all I want to do is make miniatures!


  9. YEA!!!! You guys remember that(annoying)song!! I apologize :-/.

    Cindy baby, YES!! Figs wrapped in Prosciutto are yummy too!!