Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beef Chow Fun and Stuffed Tofu

I'm on a Chinese kick now, as you can see ;-). Duck Noodle, which was one of my daddy's faves, is next. I'm just rolling the freaking noodles as we speak :-/.


  1. Absolutely perfect,the noddles are looking so real and yummi ! Jeannette

  2. Fantastic!!! terrific!!! delicious!!!
    and not what else to say ...
    un abrazo

  3. I agree with Jeannette. A fantasic work!!

    Yummi... the duck noodels are one of my favorite Chinese food too.

  4. Yummi, yummi!! so delicious and so realistic. Congratulations. A Kiss.

  5. O sh8t, my fav, you made my all time favourite food, Kiva, tofu ! :) Thank you!

  6. Yep, these are some of the finest Chinese based
    dishes that Keaver has ever created. These dishes are making me hungry. Keep up the good work honey.

  7. Kiva, me lo podría comer ahora mismo de un solo bocado.
    Su trabajo es siempre perfecto!

    Kiva, I could eat me right now in one bite.
    His work is always perfect!

  8. Kiva,

    That is making my mouth water! Wonderful work.

    I have not looked back through your blog to see if you have ever done any shrimp. Having said that... I have seen lots of other artists attempt shrimp but never successfully. So... that's the challenge. ;-))

  9. Thanks guys!!! Me rikey Chinese food, it is my favorite!!

    Catherine, shrimp has, in the past, been somewhat of an Achilles Heel. The last time I made them was years ago, methinks....and I've never been satisfied. There are very few shrimp that I've seen that I've thought were well done (two, to be exact), but probably the best, hands down, was an artist in China. They were SPECTACULAR!!! The other one was an old friend of mine who used to sell on ebay, but no longer does (she had a debilitating stroke). It is just one of those things that, for some reason, I find difficult to REALLY nail, along with pineapples (another one I've never seen anyone do well). BUT, I will work on it!! I just wont show it until I'm satisfied, which may take a little while :-/.