Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Orecchiette with sausage

I forgot this one! Instead of rolling long, thin pasta, I made "ears".


  1. that is so cute! what did you use for the spice?

  2. Dear Kiva,
    is a lot that I do not see you step from your blog.
    These beautiful Italian food, are so real, that I make myself a question: you do so well for these foods, you must have eaten ... but how do you remain so pretty lean?
    Lia from Italy

  3. esa pasta tiene una pinta deliciosa



  4. Thanks Marisa :-)! You know, I have tried using other materials, thinly shaved baked clay included, and I've found nothing that looks "herby" enough...except for real herbs! I just chop, chop, chop!! After I raid the kitchen cupboard ;-).

  5. Awww Lia, bless your heart!! I tried to join your blog but I can't find the link?

    You are so sweet! I have traveled a lot since I was a small child. Italy is one of my favorite countries, and of course, the food is DIVINE!! I tend to look at a lot of googled pictures and I have a collection of cookbooks!

    About the weight thing- I get asked this a lot, haha!! I wake up, exercise, have my biggest meal of the day in the afternoon, work into the night (I do take naps every day, though), have a little something to eat again, then go back to work until the wee hours of the night. Sometimes I don't eat as well as I should because my hours are SO wonky, but when I do sit down to tuck into a meal, I do it with gusto, believe me ;-)!! Mom is a great cook, and here in Hawaii, there is no shortage of good eats!!

  6. Your models look like real, wondrous fair. I'm getting hungry.

    I'll read your blog regularly in the future and you have berlinkt with me. Maybe you look at me and stop by, would be very happy.

    LG Alexandra

  7. Long admirer of your food creations they are just so realistic! Also yes I can vouch the no shortage of good eats in Hawaii. I had the best fish when I was there a couple years ago.

  8. Kiva, they ARE amazing and I know how good your work is.
    These orecchiette are more real than real life. And look yummy too.

  9. Thank you Alexandra! I'm off to check yours out in a few minutes. I apologize for taking so long to respond- I've had an icepick headache for THREE days :-O!!

  10. Thank you, Jennybee!! Wow, you build from SCRATCH!! I love that cottage you're constructing! I have builder's envy- I wish I could work with wood and make structures and all those little details. Hell, I can't even make something from a kit :-/.

  11. And Rosanna!! Talented?? YOU are, missy! The things you make are insane!!!

  12. (blushing) I'm just a baby in the mini world but thanks! I'm constantly showing my husband your blog and going do you see that!!! Its miniand this big... LOL

  13. Oh wow!
    Kiva this is phenomenal!!! Absolutely realistic!
    I love your work!