Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jainnie Jenkins and her FAB sugar skulls!!!!!

My buddy Jainnie Jenkins (shout out to another local chick, now living in Colorado ;-)) is a talented polymer clay artist who makes the cutest damned things!! First of all, I present THE coolest sugar skulls I have ever seen, hands down!! But there's more (ahem, Jainnie, we need more pics!!), like her adorable slippers!! This is but a tiny sampling of all the goodies she makes, including FOOD!! Check out her blog and her etsy shop (where are the goods, Jainnie?)


  1. i love it! looks great
    viva el día de muertos!!!!!!!

    it's my favorite mexican tradition.
    congratulations and greetings from puerto vallarta mexico.

  2. The skulls are awesome cute! As well as the "slippah" ornament...gonna pop over to her blog now... :)

  3. Thx Kiva for the great post and shout out!! You're so sweet!! Planning on cleaning the craft room today and getting back to my artwork, especially after all the inspiration from our Santa Fe weekend!!! And my next goal is getting some things posted in Etsy! Thx for the push and motivation!! And thx to those giving me such kind comments...I'm motivated to create!

  4. I'll love to see Santa Fe one day. Bought a book on Mexican churches and they are just awesome. Can't wait to see more of Jainnie's work.

  5. Sans!..Santa Fe is wonderful! So many things to see!! I think you would love it there. I will try to take more pics of some things I have around here and post to my blog!!

    Eliana, thanks for stopping by! I love your minis!!