Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm on another little Mexican kick

Sorry I've been neglecting blogland!! I've been very busy and blogger has been driving me apeshit!

Well, you know the drill: once I make a certain thing, I have to keep going. It started with grilled cheese sandwiches, and I had a bunch of melted cheese left, so I thought, ok, nachos...then quesadillas, get the picture ;-). It's funny but when my mom sees something I've made, she sometimes makes the real thing for dinner! This means I need to make tacos, because hers are killer!!


  1. What a feast! And I am soo hungry now... my husband is outside "grilling meat" so slowly, Your food looks so yummy!

  2. Catherine Said....
    Oooooh those are all just perfect! Those peppers are beautiful. The colors are perfect in all those dishes! I love the melted cheeze on the nachos.

    Mr. Blogger is being really nasty to me Kiva making me dp this so I can comment!

  3. MMMM! You're making me hungry. I love mex food and yours is perfect.

  4. Kiva.....damn that looks good!!! I might have to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant today!! You have my mouth watering!!!

  5. Hey, buddy, what's kickin'? I'd like one of each to go please ;) Love that gooey cheese!!

    Hey, buddy, what's kickin'? I'd like one of each, to go please :) Love that gooey cheese!!!

  6. Thanks guys!!!
    Kikka, ooooh, meat on the grill!! I'm on my way!!

    Thanks Catherine!! My God, Blogger is sooooo slow for me right now, it's unreal. It's been a bit buggy lately, that's for sure.

    Thanks Robin and Patty!! We don't have really stellar Mexican restaurants here in Hawaii, unfortunately :-/. I WISH!!

    Alison buddy!! I've been MIA!! I've been working alot, but also sleeping alot. I'm going for a blood test on monday because I swear I am now hypothyroidal. I'll let you know the results!

  7. Que cosas tan ricas y super reales. Todo es perfecto mira quien te lo dice una mexicana.
    Felicidades por recrear tan identico los platillos de mi tierra. Los tacos, las quesadillas, el guacamole haaaaaaaaaaayy que cosas tan ricas.
    Muchisimas felicidades!!!!!!!!!!
    Un abrazo.