Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fish, fruit, and Egg Foo Young

I'm a little all over the place now :-/. Lance requested more fish, so I'm making some....customers want more fruit, so I'm making some....and I've been eating alot of local style Chinese food, so I'm making some. I also made ice cream yesterday (for a wonderful longtime customer, who also asked me to stock her seafood market), which drove me ape shit!! Not the ice cream itself, but the tubs!! I went to the hardware store to buy a wooden dowel, which I brought home and preceded to saw into 1/2" pieces and hollow out with my Dremel. I swear, it took two hours!! I was covered with wood dust and my hand turned into a frozen claw. I needed to lie down afterwards (oh, I also have a nasty cold). Once the tubs are complete, I'll post pics. Just waiting for the ice cream scoops to arrive!


  1. Great food as usual Kiva.:)Get well soon!:)

  2. OMG! The fishes! Kiv, will you have time for more fish? I will email you my order :). Finally, I found a place for your fishes!

  3. mmmmmmm, now I want Egg Foo Young for breakfast! Beautiful work Kiva :)

  4. Fish look amazing as always. Get well soon my love. xoxoxoxo

  5. Ohhhh, the fruits and fishes!!! I will email you my order too!

  6. Amazing!!! Your fish are always so incredible! Love the fruit!! Craving Egg Foo Young!!!

  7. awww!!! i seem to always be repeating myself when i visit your blog, everything looks AMMAAAAZING!!!!

    i hope you're better now *careful hugs*

  8. Hello Kiva,

    I just discovered your blog trough the blog from Sans!
    You are very talented, I adore the minis that you make so I wil come and visit you again :)